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TIANSHI-MLM Health & Wealth home business


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MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL WEALTH, IS YOUR HEALTH. Tianshi gives you an  opportunity to Health and honest wealth.Tianshi  is trully a global leader when it comes to this. 

International Tour award.


Kenyan distributors on tour to China on International tour award.


Network marketing is the business of the future, and is an idea whose time has come. The time to start therefore is NOW. Tianshi utilizes one of the most powerful compensation schemes ever. Since the beginning of Tianshi International Expansion in 1997 ... TIANSHI has BONUSED (BMW/MERCS etc) more than 60 cars a year in many countries worldwide. That’s on average one car every six days!! That's not a mean achievement!! You too can be next on the list. DECIDE TODAY!

Tianshi excels in continually rewarding hardwork to top achievers.





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Luxury car award.

Top of the range BMW awaits you as you climb to star 8. You'll be in a class of your own.

Private Yatch award.

Private Yatch Award
Star 8 Distributor who has at least 2 distributors at Star 8 as direct down lines

Private Jet award.

Private Jet Award.
Star 8 Distributor who has atleast 4 distributors at Star 8 as direct down lines

Luxurious Villa award.

Luxurious Villa Award.
A luxurious villa in six acres of land is achievable.  Once you could get 8 out of those you've registered to become star-8, the luxurious home will be built for you in a country of your choice.  That's another beauty of Tianshi.


MLM training/workshops

Here, one of the many business presentation workshops in session: Getting to the nitty gritty of Multi Level Marketing.